March 18, 2017

When induction cooktops first broke onto the cooking scene, chefs of all skill levels weren’t at all convinced. It seemed that many preferred the signature blue flame of a gas cooktop or the traditional look and feel of an electric cooktop and didn’t believe that a magnetic surface and touch-sensitive glass panel could get the job done. But they’ve been tried and tested, and the verdict is in – induction cooktops are now the way to go.

They’re slowly but surely replacing gas as the cooktop of choice in homes and kitchens around the world and Smeg induction cooktops are the first choice for Palm Lake Resort homes. Why? Users list an induction cooktop’s efficiency, safety and convenience as just some of the reasons they made the switch.

My Kitchen Rules TV celebrity and restaurateur Dan Mulheron (who won the Channel 7 reality series in 2013 with his wife, Steph) have provided cooking demonstrations at Palm Lake Resorts. Dan says he and Steph upgraded their home induction cooktop about six months ago and couldn’t be happier.

“Given the fact that we have a young family, we definitely prefer the induction cooktop over a gas stove,” Dan says. “It’s safe, because the heat dies as soon as you take a pan off, and it’s great for quick dinners for a hungry baby.”

Along with being time efficient, induction cooktops are energy efficient as well. Smeg Appliances spokeswoman Linda Brander says induction cooking uses less energy than gas and also emits less heat, making them safe for homes and ideal for restaurant kitchens.

“The heat is activated by the magnetic induction between the ferrous metal pan and the glass cooktop,” Linda explains. “The pan itself does not heat so temperatures are easily controlled, meaning you can rapid-boil water or simmer a stir-fry – or more importantly, melt chocolate – in the same zone.”

The convenience continues when it comes to cleaning an induction cooktop. Simply spray and wipe the flat surface after use and forget the days of scrubbing trivets and degreasing hot plates. The smooth surface can even double as a work surface in smaller kitchens.

“It just makes things that much easier for our young family,” Dan says. “It’s definitely our preference at home.”

New residents into Palm Lake Resort Beachmere are presented with a set of induction pots as their handover gift.