Local kids benefit from Palm Lake Resort cash injection

February 2, 2017

Palm Lake Group will donate $30,000 over the next three years to the Beachmere Junior Rugby League Club to assist with the purchase of much needed resources as the club continues to experience exciting exponential growth.

The club has seen its membership base increase almost six-fold in less than 10 years as it continues to attract members from surrounding suburbs. This increase in membership, coupled with low-cost membership fees, puts a strain on the club’s ability to purchase vital resources such as equipment, jerseys and first aid kits as well as covering the cost of experienced coaches.

Beachmere Junior Rugby League Club manager John Holmes says partnerships with respectable and reputable businesses such as Palm Lake Resort are extremely valuable to the club as it continues to grow.

“The large donation is more than just money – it provides us with the safety and security of a great local sponsor for the next three years,” John says.

As an avenue for local youth to come together in a positive environment, John believes the club is focused on much more than just training the kids to be excellent footballers. He says the club plays a role in instilling the old-school values he believes some kids are missing.

“We aren’t just there to teach kids football. We want to mentor them while they grow up and see them become good people,” John says. “After all, many of our players could end up working for local businesses, such as Palm Lake Resort.”

The club’s members are already proudly sporting Palm Lake Resort Beachmere Sands’ name across the front of their jerseys. Palm Lake Group looks forward to watching the club flourish over the next three years.