Home is where the Hebel is

February 2, 2017

Palm Lake Resort houses are more than just what meets the eye. Constructed with Hebel cladding, our homes are solid, highly fire resistant and well insulated, maximising comfort and peace of mind.

Did you know, Hebel was developed in Scandinavia more than 70 years ago and has slowly made its way around the globe. It is now used in Europe, Asia and Australia and is made using 100 per cent natural materials such as sand, cement and lime gypsum.

CSR Hebel’s Residential Business Development manager Nigel Packer says Hebel is the cleaner and greener choice for building structures of any kind, whether that be a house or just a backyard retaining wall.

“Hebel uses more than 60 per cent less embodied energy and produces at least 55 per cent less greenhouses emissions than concrete or brick veneer,” says Nigel. “Hebel also has a 30 per cent lower environmental impact.”

On top of being an environmentally friendly option, Hebel creates better acoustics within a home, stopping unwanted outdoor sounds (such as traffic) from entering. This is great for those who enjoy devouring good books or who just want to enjoy the peace and quiet and tranquillity of retirement.

Palm Lake Resort estimator Dion Barnes says Palm Lake Group prefers Hebel as it is a high quality masonry product that is fast to assemble, easy to use and super cost-effective.

“Cost is one of the main benefits of Hebel, which helps keep Palm Lake Resort homes affordable for our residents,” Dion says. “The low cost really comes from the speed of construction. Brickwork can take up to a week for just one house, whereas a Hebel home can be constructed within a day.”

There is no doubt that the use of Hebel has helped create the comfort and safety that residents have come to expect with any Palm Lake Resort.