March 18, 2017

We may not like to admit it but, as we age, it becomes more and more comforting to feel like someone is looking out for you. Whether it’s a relative, a neighbour or even an app on your phone, it’s nice to know that there’s someone or something to reach out to in an emergency situation.

Palm Lake Resorts are designed with residents’ safety, comfort and peace of mind as among the top priorities, so it’s no surprise that all homes within Palm Lake Resort Beachmere are fitted with Safety Link emergency buttons.

The system is designed specifically to help residents remain independent and safe at home. In an incident or emergency, you can simply call for help at the touch of a button.

If an emergency occurs, residents simply reach for their Safety Link button to send an alert for assistance to the 24/7 Response Centre. Day or night, an operator will receive the alert and get in touch immediately via the base unit of the system. Once a resident informs the operator of the situation, an indicator light will flash so that users know help is on the way. The operator can also contact a friend or relative for residents to let them know what has happened.

For added peace of mind, residents are provided with a waterproof pendant to have on their person at all times. Because even though we may not feel a day over 40, sometimes things happen and we need a little help. Luckily, Safety Link and Palm Lake Resort understands that having a system residents can trust, at their fingertips, gives them back that peace of mind and freedom to live confidently in their home.