Beachmere Sands Turns 10

February 20, 2017

Palm Lake Resort Beachmere Sands turned 10 in September 2016 and what better way to celebrate the milestone than connecting with the resort’s very first resident, David Greig.

David has lived in Villa 2 since September 22, 2006. Prior to making the move to Beachmere Sands, David says he visited around 30 different locations to make sure he found one that was just right for his retirement needs.

Reflecting on the past decade, David says his Top 3 highlights of living at Palm Lake Resort include ongoing peace of mind, freedom to come and go without the burden of home ownership and being surrounded by likeminded people. With more than 200 residents, it is the sense of community that David feels enhances his retirement experience at Palm Lake Resort.

“There is a great caring in the community, especially if someone is ill or if there is a bereavement,” David says “The community sticks together in sickness and in health.”

That strong community spirit is reflected when residents come together in the communal dining room for their free weekly meal – a highlight of the week for David. He says residents also regularly visit the bar to sit back, relax and enjoy a coldie with the company of their neighbours and friends. But don’t think the bar is only a place for shared memories and friendship – its proceeds are used to enhance the resort.

“The bar is run by the residents and the funds are given back to the community to help the residents enjoy their retirement,” he explains.

David says, when he and his wife were originally looking for their retirement home, they found Palm Lake Resort’s lifestyle community offering the best suited to their situation. Ten years on, David holds the same opinion.

“I still believe that the independent retirement village is a more attractive proposition for retirees,” he says.